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You are strange to the pits. Your back is unscarred.

The Kemet rules summary and reference gets a big Ta-Seti update.

I’m not sure if Kemet is the kind of game that needs the extra complexity – keeping track of all those special powers can be a bit of a juggle and the only thing that stops me getting it to the table more often – but here it is anyway with the Ta-Seti expansion, which adds several modules of increasing complexity to the game of fantasy-Egypt-themed conquest. Crush your enemies!


  • Adam says:

    Handy reference for the game and expansion – noticed the following discrepancies though:

    DI Cards:
    1) Divine Memory has the wrong picture associated with it (looks like the image from Divine Protection was used in error instead)
    2) Tactical Choice has the wrong picture associated with it (looks like the image from Reinforcements was used in error instead)

    Black Power tiles:
    1)The Devourer is labelled incorrectly as “Gryphon Sphynx”

  • Daniel Thorpe says:

    Love these. Any chance you can add the other promos as the back of the crossover tiles?

    Also noticed in the black level 1 the troop recruits are both male. One should be female.

    • I don’t tend to add promo items to summaries as they’re not commonly available, but I’ve fixed the other error, cheers.

      • Daniel Thorpe says:

        Understand, I’d pay for it if it helps 🙂 I’ll have to try make them coz without it any completionists like me won’t be able to use them properly. Thanks for doing these again though.

        • It’s a kind offer thankyou, but I think I‘ll just stick with the blanket policy of not including promo items. Most people don’t get them, and hunting them down for all kinds of games would be a nightmare in terms of money and time.

          Like your avatar.

  • Daniel Thorpe says:

    I respect that, worth asking though. Thanks again dude. 🙂

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