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Merchant of Venus v2

By August 7, 2015August 10th, 2015Boardgames, Sheet Updates
Merchant of Venus

Even their robots are insolent.

This update to the Merchant of Venus rules summary and reference makes trading in the galaxy easier than ever before.

Thanks to the excellent work of Christopher Colbourne, a new handy-dandy racial reference sheet has been added to the Merchant of Venus rules summary and reference, bringing it to a nice round version 2. This wonderful addition – and Christoper did all the layout by the way, I just had to add it to my file – neatly summarises everything galaxy-roaming space merchants need to know about what all the races have available for trade.

Thanks for your hard work Christopher!

UPDATE: I made the racial reference sheet a bit more readable and replaced the v2 file so check to make sure you have the more recent file.

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