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Merchants & Marauders v2

Merchants and Marauders

Wha’d’you say to three shillings….and we forget the name?

The piratey goodness of the Sails of Glory rules added to the Merchants & Marauders rules summary and reference.

One of the many games I don’t get to the table often enough, Merchants & Marauders is pretty much the definitive pirate experience in boardgame form. It’s a sprawling, time-eating game with lots of moving parts, but there’s nothing like it for variety and immersion in the age of waterbourne thugs stumbling around the Caribbean.

The expansion Sails of Glory suits the nature of the base game perfectly by throwing in a pot-pourri of extra rules – 11 ‘modules’ and 5 ‘variants’ that you can mix and match as you cook up your own preferred recipe of complexity and conflict. It really is a big glorious mess and I can’t imagine ever having the time to try all these things out, but that’s what maks the game so much fun. There’s even a plastic spinner to determine wind direction which, let’s face it, is a time-honoured and essential component of any game that involves pirates.

Thankfully, I’ve updated my rules summary and reference to include all this new stuff and to give you a chance of wrangling it all into submission. Enjoy me hearties!

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