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Mike Hutchinson: Planet Smashing, New Age of Sigmar, and VR in a Nursing Home – and Zardoz?

Zardoz speaks to you, His chosen ones.

Another fascinating chat with games designer Mike Hutchinson!

Hope you had a great Easter break everyone! I spent much of it creating videos for you, as always! 🙂

In this one I have another fascinating chat with my friend Mike (Gaslands) Hutchinson which wanders over a wide range of gaming topics, which includes how Universal Head reminds Mike of Zardoz. Sit back and enjoy!

00:00 Start

01:20 Creating YouTube videos

04:10 Fury of Dracula and Scotland Yard

05:10 What Mike’s been up to as Planet Smasher Games

18:49 Board games we’ve been playing

25:30 Gaming in a nursing home; VR games

28:34 Game simulations (video games, mobile games, Gamma World RPG)

31:31 ‘Hobby homework’, the ‘game loop’, preparation for miniatures games

37:40 The new edition of Age of Sigmar; playing W40K

44:10 Games Workshop: The Old World etc

51: 23 Mantic Games: Firefight and Epic

55:35 Mike’s upcoming books

57:38 Zardoz!