Moulding and Casting Resin Terrain Pieces Tutorial

By May 7, 2018 Boardgames, Videos

How did you know there were people inside the big white rock?

Time to try something completely different – let me share my attempt to cast some terrain pieces in resin. Will it work out or not?

I bought one of the new Games Workshop Sector Mechanicus terrain sets recently, and was particularly taken with a small hatch piece that I thought would look great scattered over a scifi terrain board. Unfortunately, there was only one in the set. Having 15 or so of them was financially impossible!

Or was it …

The desire to reproduce this little hatchway got me researching how to mould and cast my own pieces, and I happened upon two products that seemed to be the answer to my desires – Alumilite High Strength 2 to make flexible, high-detail moulds, and Alumilite Amazing Casting Resin to cast the pieces.

This was my first attempt and moulding a casting a terrain piece. Will it be successful? Will this lead to a blissful future of reproducing my own terrain bits – or disheartening disaster? Watch the video, my friends, to find out!


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