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Moulding and Casting Resin Terrain Pieces Tutorial

How did you know there were people inside the big white rock?

Time to try something completely different – let me share my attempt to cast some terrain pieces in resin. Will it work out or not?

I bought one of the new Games Workshop Sector Mechanicus terrain sets recently, and was particularly taken with a small hatch piece that I thought would look great scattered over a scifi terrain board. Unfortunately, there was only one in the set. Having 15 or so of them was financially impossible!

Or was it …

The desire to reproduce this little hatchway got me researching how to mould and cast my own pieces, and I happened upon two products that seemed to be the answer to my desires – Alumilite High Strength 2 to make flexible, high-detail moulds, and Alumilite Amazing Casting Resin to cast the pieces.

This was my first attempt and moulding a casting a terrain piece. Will it be successful? Will this lead to a blissful future of reproducing my own terrain bits – or disheartening disaster? Watch the video, my friends, to find out!


  • The8thPagan says:

    Impressive. Might look into that.

    And be careful what you make moulds of…. you don’t want to end up in a&e…

  • Grifter says:

    Wow, they came out great! And that looks like so much fun. I swear, I’d be running around the house, making moulds of everything in sight.

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