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Special Announcement: Now on Patreon!

The Esoteric Order of Gamers is now on Patreon!

Help me achieve my goals for the EOG – and get some rewards too!

Regulars here at the EOG will know that I have my own subscription system, but some people have expressed a preference for using Patreon, the online platform that allows people to financially support content creators.

So, ever eager as I am to accommodate all my users, I’m now on Patreon! To celebrate, there are some new reward tiers. Everyone still gets a certificate and level icon, but you can also get call-outs, special (hopefully amusing) thankyou videos from me and Will, exclusive bonus videos, and even a say in the games I cover on the EOG. I’ve also matched the reward tiers with the levels here on the site, so you can choose whichever way you like to back the EOG. Patreon has extra discussion options but then again, they take a cut. 🙂

It’s time for me to get some better equipment, but my ultimate goal is to be able to fund this project enough so I can devote some time out of the working week to it. But to do that, I need a good regular financial support base – I can’t keep doing it all for free forever!

I hope you enjoy the EOG enough to want to throw some bucks at it. Thanks everyone!

Support the EOG on Patreon

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