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On Board Games Interviews Universal Head

By February 19, 2014July 27th, 2014Interviews
On Board Games

Universal Head

An Australian in New Zealand talking to Americans.

Universal Head talks about the strangely compelling practice of creating rules summaries … and whether he’s seen any hobbits lately.

Last week, the knowledgeable people at On Board Games invited me to chat about my rules summary work on their popular and long-running podcast. As an Australian, I don’t usually experience too much difficulty talking about myself, so I happily accepted. You can find the results at either of the two locations linked below.

Donald Dennis and Erik Dewey were gracious hosts who asked some great questions, and while the subject of rules summaries may not seem the most scintillating of subjects for an hour’s listening, I think the result is quite entertaining. I hope you do too.

Enjoy! And feel free to leave any comments and questions you might have in the space provided below.


  • Brent Lloyd says:

    I too have been a guest on their Podcast.

    I agree, very gracious Hosts and I am a loyal fan of both them and you! 🙂


  • Brent Lloyd says:

    I was on 90 and 101.

    I just listened to your podcast – great job. Your personality comes through very well. I was really nervous about doing it and that unfortunately comes through in my interviews.

    I make foam core inserts for my games as well, it is a lot more time consuming than I initially thought. I don’t make any plans like you, just start cutting and glueing.



    • Universal Head says:

      Nah, I lstened to them, you don’t sound nervous at all. We all think we sound worse than we do! I’m very conscious of my bad habit of mumbling. 🙂

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