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Painting Reichbusters: Part 1

Red means stop!

Got Reichbusters and want to paint those miniatures to a good standard, but fast? Check out this new series!

As much as I admire long, beautifully made painting tutorial videos, I really just don’t have the time to watch them. And as you no doubt know by now, I’m happy with painting my miniatures to a good standard and then moving on to the next thing, because there are just so many to paint and so many hours left in my life. So if you feel the same, I hope you’ll enjoy this new Reichbusters series, where I go through the many minis in the core set, giving you enough advice to get them done quickly and looking good. There’s no boring bits watching me paint—you know how to do that already, and if you don’t check out any of my previous painting videos—instead, I’ll show you the paints I chose and walk you through the process—FAST!

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