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Playing Deadzone: Part 1

By May 27, 2014November 17th, 2021Battle Reports, Miniatures Games, Videos

We’re a thousand miles from nowhere, man, and it’s gonna get a hell of a lot worse before it gets any better!

We’ve showed you how to put it together and paint it, now we show you how it plays ….

Deadzone—it’s been a long, hard road, but we’ve all reached the party in the big house on the hill at the end of it. Peter (Universal Head) and Will tackle their second game of Deadzone, walking your through the basic systems and taking the opportunity to enhance the dry mechanics with a lot of silly sound effects and over-the-top cinematic descriptions—because, well, that’s how we like to play games …

As the first of three play sessions videoed during the recent visit of my old gaming buddy Will, this one shows you what happens when two old friends refuse to act their age and have a good laugh around a table with a bunch of terrain and miniatures on it. It was so much fun I couldn’t leave much out, so look out for the second part of this thirty-minute spectacular later this week.

Among the sound effects, play-acting, laughter and bad tactics (on my part anyway), you may even learn a thing or two about playing the game …


  • Universal Head says:

    A couple of game errors have already been pointed out:

    1. Will set up a size 3 model and a size 2 model in one square. You can only have a maximum of 4 size 1 models or equivalent in a single square.

    2. We forgot all about ‘exploding’ dice rolls. If you roll an 8, you can re-roll the die—and keep doing re-rolling if every time you roll an 8!

  • Muzza says:

    Looks like fun, I’m very envious of you lunatics. I love games like this one, I’m a fan of a bit of ham acting too, so a win on two counts.

    How do you think it compares to other skirmish type games?

    • Universal Head says:

      It gets worse in part two! 🙂

      I’m really impressed by the game system. When you look at the rules, you are overwhelmed by all these dice rolls, but when you play, you quickly realise it’s always a 3 dice roll with some very simple modifiers (to the number of dice). We thought it flowed very well, and had a very cinematic feel.

      I would still call it a pretty old school skirmish miniatures game system, but the stat and special ability lookups aren’t too irksome.

      Wish you could join me for a game mate!

      • Muzza says:

        I wish I could too, doesn’t look likely any time soon though unfortunately.

        You’ve put this game well and truly on my radar now, am very interested in picking up a copy, although god knows when I’d find the time to paint or play it. Looking forward to part two of the ham sandwich.

        • Universal Head says:

          I was mainly looking for a substitute for Necromunda, which is in storage (and takes up a lot of storage space btw), and it definitely fulfilled that role.

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