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Playing Deadzone: Part 2

By May 30, 2014November 17th, 2021Battle Reports, Miniatures Games, Videos

That’s just what it wants, to pit us against each other!

Continuing up the two part battle report Deadzone video …

It’s time to bring the EOG’s extremely comprehensive coverage of Mantic’s tabletop miniatures skirmish game Deadzone to a close. Unless of course I need to update the rules summary and reference sheets down the track…

In part two of this battle report video you’ll see how the game begins to flow as we get more comfortable with the rules (though we did make an error with the Enforcer calculation of victory points). Some hilariously cinematic moments bring the game to life, and we indulge ourselves in more BLAM PEOW BANG BOOSH sound effects as the evening wears on.

I’ll think I’ll be playing a lot more Deadzone in future, though I must admit I’m not looking forward to painting up anymore figures or terrain. Perhaps just a small Rebs force, later …

Oh, and by the way, we may have made the occasional error here and there, it was only our second game after all. Just to make it clear: This is an example of play only. The Esoteric Order of Gamers makes no representations that the rules of the game that is the subject of the video will be fully-complied with. Opinions expressed by the performers are exclusively theirs and the Order accepts no liability for any offence, slight, or incorrect factual information, intentional or otherwise, given.

Update: No sooner said, etc. A small error on the reference sheet has been fixed (range of Acid Breath). Damn, that would have changed the whole game …!


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