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Puppet Wars Unstitched Reference Cards v1

Puppet Wars Unstitched

You mean I have to live out the rest of my life in this body?

A brand new set of redesigned cards for Puppet Wars Unstitched by Wyrd Miniatures!

One miniatures skirmish game that slipped completely under the radar with hardly any fanfare (if you’ll excuse the mixed metaphors) was Puppet Wars Unstitched, a fantastic little game that pitted teams of puppets against each other in a battle of rips and tears. It’s card-based, fun, and the little puppet miniatures are adorable, with a Time Burton-style flair. Wyrd Miniatures gave it very little promotion and support however, and it seems to have been largely forgotten.

I still enjoy it however, so I took the time to redesign the ugly reference cards that came with the game. Of course they use pictures of my own painted miniatures, so they won’t necessarily match your own minis. And since I painted those minis that came in multiples slightly differently to distinguish them (and this is reflected in the card images), this set may be a bit too specific to my own needs. But I thought I’d post them up anyway as some players of this excellent little game might find them useful.

One other thing I did to make this game more attractive, was do away with the ugly translucent Impassable tokens, and replace them with some vintage cotton spools I bought on Ebay. Each was coated with several layers of matt varnish, and voila! A much more impressive landscape for your toys to fight over. I’m also working on painting up some large buttons to use as ‘workbenches’ (the puppet bases).

Puppet Wars Unstitched


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