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Relic v3


If there are any autopsies done, check and see if any part of the brain was missing from any of the heads.

With v3, the Relic rules summary and reference finally gets completed properly.

Now that Fantasy Flight Games is no longer producing anything licenced from Games Workshop, it’s time for OCD gamers like myself to look back and see if there’s anything missing from their collections before the stock runs out and the over-pricing criminals on Ebay start getting their hands on what’s left (if you ask me, anyone who breaks up a game and starts selling individual pieces for exorbitant prices should be pilloried in the public square). So when a reader drew my attention to a few mistakes in my Relic rules summary and reference, it compelled me to grab copies of the two expansions Nemesis and Halls of Terra. Not that I’m a huge fan of this kind of roll-and-move overstays-its-welcome adventure game, but it’s always nice to complete a set.

In the meantime, I checked out my summary and discovered I’d accidently left out large slabs of the Nemesis rules. The Emperor would be most displeased! So I’ve fixed all that up, tweaked the wording throughout, and now present to you version the third. Enjoy, Relic players!

Oh, and one last thing – apologies for the lack of updates lately. I’m deep in the utter madness of moving house, all the games are getting packed up in boxes, and everything will be in chaos (not the Warhammer kind, just normal chaos) for a few weeks. Bear with me. The good news is, we’ve finally bought our own EOG headquarters here in NZ, with a work studio that has plenty of room for my frighteningly large game collection; not to mention a workshop in which to film some more game-related videos. After almost five years of temporary digs and games in storage, it’s wonderful to be able to bring it all back home together!


  • gull1066 says:

    Enjoy your vids. Looking forward to some more Battle of Five Armies sessions. Been gaming over 40 years and it is the closest thing to a perfectly replayable wargame as I’ve ever found. Always a butt clencher.

    Like to stop by and throw down some time, but I’m on almost the opposite side of the planet (Minnesota, USA), so don’t worry, it’ll never happen. 😉

    • Yes, I must get that game out again, it was a lot of fun, and we haven’t really got to grips with it yet. Cheers!

      Just received your generous EOG contribution – thanks very much mate! It’s really appreciated.

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