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Risk: Star Wars v1

Risk: Star Wars Edition

Awww! But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!!!

Use the Force, Luke. Alternatively, use the Risk: Star Wars Edition rules summary and reference.

Well it certainly isn’t Risk, but it is Star Wars – in a fun, simple, card and dice-based package. Based on the simple order system from The Queen’s Gambit, this little gem from Hasbro throws a lot of little Star Wars spaceships onto a very nice TIE fighter-shaped board and ends up feeling like the kind of game you remember mainstream game companies made back in the ‘good old days’. It’s not going to win any awards for heavy strategy or deep tactics, but it’s the perfect way to while away an hour (or less) of gaming without straining the brain cells. And not a prequel movie in sight! Don’t get cocky Hasbro, but you need to make more games like this.

The ‘Black Series’ edition is a bit pricier but definitely worth the upgrade for the better packaging, boards and components, and it’s the version I’ve featured on my unboxing video. If only all games were packaged so attractively!

But hold on—who’s the idiot who put Kylo Ren on the cover of a game all about Return of the Jedi?

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