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Rum & Bones: Second Tide v1

Rum and Bones

Me? I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest

You mean I have to do the summary again? AAAAARRRRRR! Yep, it’s the second version of the Rum & Bones rules summary and reference!

I wasn’t crazy about having to fork out for a new version of Rum & Bones so soon after buying the first one, but I have to admit it is a better game. And since you can use the teams and boards from the first set, it’s not a great loss. Here’s a rules summary and reference for the new and improved rules, which feature alternating activations and upgradeable skills. The new version is definitely more interesting and more tactical than the old.

Rum & Bones is a fun dicefest, and while it can sometimes outstay its welcome just a tad, the gameplay is still fast and furious, the miniatures are gorgeous and full of character, and its very much worth spending a piratey evening with.

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