Spartacus v4


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The Spartacus rules summary and reference v4 adds special house rules and lighter backgrounds.

Good old Spartacus, what a fun-loving romp it was! A while back I watched the entire season again, and while it didn’t quite deliver as much on a second viewing, it was still an unabashed slice of tongue-in-cheek sex n’ violence done in an unmistakeably Antipodean way. It’s that New Zealand perspective that gives it uniqueness; if the series had been done in America I suspect the po-faced declarations in faux-Roman speak would have come across as laughably pretentious. Instead, you definitely get the impression that everyone on set is having a bit of a laugh at killing and getting their kit off – sometimes at the same time (and the behind-the-scenes extras confirm this).

Anyway, back to GF9’s game version! Each house in the game has a special power, and I’ve been meaning for a while to add this to the summary sheets so you can remember what sneaky schemes the other players are contemplating. While I was there I also lightened the backgrounds somewhat – see, the EOG is thinking of you and your printing costs! Enjoy, fellow Romans.


  • Avatar Sternberg says:

    As always, a stellar job, head (I do not even know your “real name”! thatś´the internet! 😀 )

    Ah, Spartacus, I can clearly see what you mean, by that new zealand Touch. And the game: Now out of print.
    But do not get your hopes up on not updating: Remember, remember Arkham Horror! 😀
    I am looking forward to that tour of your abode! haven´t seen it yet, but, I can dream of it already: think Batman: the dark night. Ha. In wood ! 😀
    Keep up the best work,

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