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Stronghold 2nd Edition Battle Report: Part 1

By November 28, 2016July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Miniatures Games, Videos

We claim this castle in the name of the rebellion!

Will storms the walls and Peter bravely holds off the hordes in this violent Stronghold 2nd Edition battle report!

Well I know it begins with me saying we haven’t done a battle report for a while, but due to the reality-distorting fields of the internet this was filmed before our last published here on the EOG, the AT-43 battle report.

That egregious continuity error out of the way, I think you’ll enjoy this two-part battle report, which showcases the exciting, visually stunning game Stronghold 2nd Edition. And it’s even nicer to look at thanks to the magic sculpting fingers of one Rom Brown, who made those beautiful 3D siege engines and walls. Be sure to check out his website, Cult of Game, to see more, or read our previous feature on the project.

For now, it’s time for the Will’s ravening mobs of smelly orcs to assault the walls of Peter’s pristine castle. Take it away lads!

(PS What about that expression YouTube caught for a title frame! I just had to leave that there instead of the new title card design.)


  • Will says:

    “egregious continuity error” sums up my progress in this game so far quite nicely I feel, and beautifully expressed I might add.

  • briscoe999 says:

    UH – thanks for posting this Stronghold 2nd Ed Batrep! I never really gave this game a look in the past….i always thought at first glance 1st ed looked a little to “Euro-ey” to me (it still kind of does). But with watching you guys play and really getting a feel of the games mechanics, this looks like a really good game that i am going to strongly consider purchasing!!

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