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Cardboard Hacking – Tamashii: Chronicle of Ascend Overview

By September 15, 2023November 21st, 2023Boardgames, Reviews, Videos

You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Peter checks out the new cyberpunk game from Awaken Realms Lite, Tamashii: Chronicle of Ascend.

I didn’t hear anything about Tamashii: Chronicle of Ascend until Awaken Realms offered me a copy, but it was a successful Kickstarter and so far I’m very pleasantly surprised by the game! It’s by the new spin-off company Awaken Realms Lite, but this is still a big and lavish production by normal game standards. I do very much like how the game is more geared for one-off play, as you can dip in and out of the game playing the various scenarios in any order. Nice! Check out my overview of the rules and look out for a full review once I’ve played some more games and got deeper into this Japanese cyberpunk world.