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Bonus Video: 10 Top Tips for Fast Painting

By September 21, 2019September 23rd, 2019Boardgames, Reviews, Videos

When will you make an end? … When I am finished!

Here’s a special set of fast painting tips for EOG members at the Steward level or higher!

Much like my painting backlog, my bonus video backlog is something I’m working hard to get through. Here’s the special bonus video for Steward level backers and above, for July! I’ve put together ten of my top tips for painting your miniatures fast, getting through your painting queue, and reaching that hallowed state of all your miniatures painted and done! We all must have a dream …

Check the Patreon page for your special video feed! If you’re still supporting me through this site and not on Patreon, I’ve sent you several emails about moving your subscription over to Patreon—please get in touch with me if you didn’t receive them.

Enjoy friends, and my thanks to everyone who supports the EOG!

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