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The Joy of Unboxing: Blood Rage

By October 22, 2015August 28th, 2019Boardgames, Unboxing, Videos

Our child should have a name. Now that the Gods have saved him.

Ripping the shrink wrap off all the goodies from the Cool Mini or Not Blood Rage Kickstarter campaign.

Cool Mini or Not seems to have settled into a steady flow of successful Kickstarter campaigns, and the good news is they’re being delivered pretty much on time and the quality of the product is fantastic. I was recently impressed with my Rum & Bones delivery, and now Blood Rage has arrived.

As you can see in thus unboxing video, there’s a pile of goodies and the miniatures are stunning. As an added bonus, I hear the game is pretty damn good too! Keep an eye out for a rules summary soon.

Thins may be quiet here at the EOG for a few days as my gaming buddy Will is here for another visit. It’ll be wall-to-wall gaming at the EOG gobal headquarters!

PS I’ve just discovered that iMovie didn’t update properly, despite the fact I changed the text twice, and the video says I’m unboxing Rum & Bones on the title screen. Sorry about that, just ignore it…


  • razide says:

    The components and figures look top quality. Adrian Smith has a fantastic style which compliments this type of game. Love the wave sculpting on the sea-serpent.
    Curious to see the frame tray to keep the map board away from the box walls – extra protection I suppose.

    Are you intending to do an EOoG paint job on the figures ? You must have a pile of things in your painting queue these days.
    I think they would at least deserve a wash to bring out the details.

    Your first big miniature had a warped base. How do you plan to tackle that … Do you stick it in hotwater then press down on a flat surface and try to cool it ?

    Looking forward as usual to see you battle report or play through of Blood Rage,

    I wish I could get excited about the Viking/Norse theme these days – something to do with Gauls & Visigoths would perk my interest more.

    Once again thanks for an entertaining and informative “Joy of Unboxing”. Plenty of humour and not much waffle and we can actually see the components clearly unlike some unboxing ordeals around.

  • Thanks razide. I’ve had so little time lately I’ve hardly had a chance to look at the game beyond this unboxing! The base will hopefully respond to the hot/cold treatment as you suggest.

    As for painting, it would be a very, very big project, so we’ll se how much I fall in love with the game. Ditto Rum & Bones.

  • CK Lai says:

    This is the one CMoN Kickstarter I regret passing on. Didn’t regret B-Sieged, but I regret this one.

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