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The Joy of Unboxing: Cthulhu Wars

By May 23, 2015August 28th, 2019Boardgames, Unboxing, Videos

The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind.

The biggest box so far on the EOG? Getting to grips with the big-in-ever-way Cthulhu Wars!

It will be no surprise to regular members of the Esoteric Order of Gamers that I’m a bit of a fan of plastic miniatures in my games. But in this case I think we can steal some nomenclature from the special effects studio Weta and call a few of the monsters in Cthulhu Wars ‘bigatures’. They’re the biggest miniatures I’ve ever seen; but then everything about this game is huge—the box, the over-produced plastic insert, the two-piece board, and of course the plastic goodies themselves.

Unfortunately all that goodness comes at a price, and it’s a gob-smackingly big price, especially if you have to get it all shipped down to New Zealand like I did. The good news is, the game is fun. I’m still not sure if the huge scale of everything is at all necessary, and the jury is still out whether the desire on the part of Sandy Petersen, the designer, to have everything so big will hurt sales, but I’m happy I don’t have a bunch of incredibly expensive paperweights on my hands.

Have a look at this unboxing and see if you think Cthulhu Wars deserves a (very large) space on your game shelf!


  • razide says:

    Thanks for sharing your unboxing. Those figures look nice even in those bright plastics.
    You must have the urge to paint them but with still so many WoK ones to do……
    I hope you didn’t strain anything lifting the box around.

    Seems a pity there was not a second figure tray for the minions as well.

    Yes, why do so many games have such flimsy player/character “boards” when they are often the components you use a lot. Really cheapens the feel of many a good game.

    • For the price and the size of the box, I definitely would have liked to have seen proper figure storage for all the figures, but perhaps it’s just not possible to fit them all in that way. The large figure storage tray is just ridiculously thick and hefty though.

      Back to ye olde foamcore, even for such a pricey game! As for the flimsy tracks, I think I’ll mount those on something to give them some durability.

  • pagan8th says:

    Really? No one else noticed the front page of the website describing this as the unboxing of Imperial Assault? Sorry, but my inner editor just had to speak!

  • pagan8th says:

    I need a new handle. Current one sounds weird.

  • MarcellusWallace says:

    What a massive game. Interesting though that only the really big miniatures are so outstandingly big, all the others seem to be in a somewhat reasonable scale.

    How thick are those cardboard tokens really? They look a lot thicker than the usual boardgame tokens.

    Too bad all the other contents just dangle around in the box and can even end up bent as yours did 🙁

    I hope they make a somewhat smaller and cheaper version so i can get it.

    • The tokens are very thick and the tracks and player boards are very thin. They could have met in the middle really. Yes, all the storage attention was lavished on the one tray and everything else just bashes about in there, so I doubt anyone is going to end up with an undamaged Doom track.

      From what I’ve heard, Sandy Petersen seems to be resisting all calls to make a smaller, cheaper version. I get the impression he’s very proud of his excessively overproduced dream game!

  • Jack Romeo says:

    Any chance you’ll do some kind of painting instructions for CW? I started painting about a year ago, and I’ve never painted minis this large. Largest so far is the goliath from Shadows of Brimstone, and the result was mediocre. Shading, layering, and related techniques are bound to be different when dealing with minis of this scale.

    • I wouldn’t bank on it happening in the near future. I still haven’t decided whether I will actually bother painting them. But I’ll try to do cover some of the techniques you mention next time I do a painting tutorial.

      • Jack Romeo says:

        That would be great! I think I kinda like the mins as they are, and don’t want to risk messing them up. Went all-in on the Kickstarter and will be getting som additional minis not for use in the game, which is a nice chance to practice on something medium sized.

  • Edmund says:

    Its been years. Do you actually still own/play it? Especially over other current dudes on a map / area control games?

    • This is one of those great games that for some reason I don’t get to the table very often. I must play it more. Maybe it’s because it happens to be in a high corner of my room where my eye doesn’t alight on it much!

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