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The Joy of Unboxing: Deathwatch Overkill

By March 8, 2016August 28th, 2019Boardgames, Unboxing, Videos

All right boys, lets get this trench secure.

Unboxing the latest gasp-inducingly expensive boardgame from Games Workshop, Deathwatch: Overkill.

The board sections are thick, glossy and embossed and the figures are numerous and very detailed. But you may find yourself asking “where has all my money gone?” after unboxing Games Workshop’s latest.

Yes, I have a little rant during this video, but I just don’t accept the old “it’s cheap per figure” and “compared to GW figure prices it’s great value” excuses – GW are simple charging way too much for this game, and it must be said. It’s more expensive than Cthulhu Wars, and that had enough plastic in it to stock a gift shop.

But is Deathwatch: Overkill a good game? I have yet to get it on the table but I hold high hopes after a recent BOLS review which made it sound far more fun than the recent GW gameplay video made it look. In the meantime, steal yourself for the sticker shock, try to move past it – more than I’ve obviously managed to – and check out the EOG unboxing of Deathwatch: Overkill.


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