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The Joy of Unboxing: Fallout

By December 6, 2017August 28th, 2019Boardgames, Unboxing, Videos

How would you know that, that you were the last man alive?

Fallout is the new game by Fantasy Flight, and its unboxing calls for something special!

I well remember spending many hours playing the original Fallout computer game and immersing myself in its grim-but-funny 1950s-meets-post-apocalypse world. I’ve dabbled in the subsequent 3D versions, though I haven’t enjoyed them quite as much – in part due to the occasional glitches that can plague the series, but mostly because I just don’t have the time anymore for open-world time-munching computer games.

Which is why it’s so satisfying to see this particular universe meet boardgaming in the form of Fantasy Flight’s newie, Fallout. I know very little about the game but, chump that I am, I fell for the siren call of cross-marketing-IP-leveraging and immediately grabbed myself a copy. Hope it’s a good game. But in the meantime here I am unboxing the thing with the help of old friend and frequent battle report opponent, Will, who happened to be around when the box fell on my doorstep. Banter ensued. Enjoy!


  • Soulsorcerer says:

    This looks quite intresting! Did expect this next year. And for your 500 minis itch…look at the mödiphiüs fallout minis game 🙂

  • Sternberg says:

    Super! Are all new zealanders sarcastic as hell?
    Well. In can now see where those conchords come from.

    Really really fun! Hope the game is good.
    I for my part cannot understand why i should play a boardgame of a computergame. But enjoyed gears of war! And promptly they killed it! Ha!

    • We’re both Australian – that’s Australian senses of humour you’re hearing! Sarcasm is definitely a big part of the Aussie sense of humour (he says, blithely and ridiculously generalising about 24 million people). Possibly it stems from a very healthy distrust of authority that evolved from a convict-dominated past. But mostly we just like taking the piss. 🙂

  • The8thPagan says:

    The English tend to take the piss a lot… and we did export a lot of convicts…

  • The8thPagan says:

    Didn’t work with those we sent across the Atlantic. They don’t seem to get sarcasm.

  • Yaj says:

    This is a fun, thematic semi-co-op, but the rules have been split across separate Learn to Play book/Reference Guide hodge-podge.
    Clearly written by super-mutants, but very re-playable – a shared Choose-Your-Own adventure essentially.
    The rules need some EOG-love, especially in the absence of FAQ from FFG,

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