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The Joy of Unboxing: Fireteam Zero

By March 24, 2016August 28th, 2019Boardgames, Unboxing, Videos

Good luck, boys. Be careful. Nobody gets left behind.

Let’s peek into the deep expanses of a box of Fireteam Zero by Emergent Games. Was this long-awaited Kickstarter-funded game worth the wait?

Way back when I first discovered the black hole of wallet death that is Kickstarter, I stumbled upon a little game called FireteamZero by an unknown crowd called Emergent Games. Fired up as I was by the possibilities of this new funding system, I decided to take a punt on their Hell Boy-ish, Tannhäuser-ish weird war miniatures skirmish game.

Here we are about a year and a half later and the first of a couple of waves of goodies has finally arrived on my doorstep. And this thing is certainly big enough to be a doorstep. For a high-security bank vault. It’s huge! And it’s full of some nice figures, lots of cards, board tiles, the whole shebang. So let’s fire up the unboxing and have a look inside shall we?


  • Mark says:

    It looks pretty damn good. It’ll be a struggle for the wallet to stay closed on this one I think.

  • razide says:

    Looks to be a very polished product.
    It will be interesting to hear your gameplay comparison to Tannhäuser.
    I feel some parts of Tannhäuser’s gameplay seem a bit too abstracted and loose the atmosphere of the setting.

    • It’s been a long time since I played Tannhäuser, though the few times I played I did always get that feeling that it could have been more than it was. This one is much more straightforward I think. But I’ve only played one game so I’ll reserve further judgement for now.

  • The8thPagan says:

    Have you had chance to try this game out yet? Off on holiday and then UK Games Expo, so it’s on my potential buy list and I wondered if it was worth it?

    • I’ve played it just once and I definitely don’t feel like I’ve really come to grips with it yet. The system seems good, I’ve just not sure how I feel about the fact that monsters get spawned again and again at the end of each round. But it does get some very good reviews, so I just have to give it some atention and play it some more. At the moment I’m quickly painting up the figures.

      In other words, my advice isn’t informed yet! Read some BGG reviews I reckon.

  • The8thPagan says:

    How many scenarios are there? Looks like only three in core game which seems a bit low and reduces replay value.

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