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The Joy of Unboxing: Rum & Bones Second Tide

By February 2, 2017August 28th, 2019Boardgames, Unboxing, Videos

If anyone so much as mentions the word ‘parley’, I’ll have their guts for garters.

Unboxing the second sailing of CMON’s Rum & Bones: Rum & Bones: Second Tide.

Like many others, I was more than a little nonplussed when CMON suddenly launched a second Kickstarter for their game of piratical MOBA-style combat Rum & Bones: hold on, didn’t I just fork out a shed of cash for this game a year or two ago? And now you’ve changed the rules and are selling it again? It takes a certain amount of chutzpah, but they seem to have pulled it off. It’s in no small part due to the fact that all the components from the first campaign are usuable in the new version – as long as you buy the upgrade kit, that is.

Well, despite my grievances I backed the new campign (for just the core set and the upgrade kit), and I’m now glad I did. After playing the game last night, I can report that it is vastly improved: more interesting, more choices, and with more variety. And two ships against one gives a pleasing sense of irregularity to the two sides and how the game flows across the board. Our game came down to a classic Ameritrash standoff; my opponent had to roll a 3+ for the win and failed, which gave me the opportunity to make a last attack and win. From such things are cheers and shouts over the gaming table made. Great fun!

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