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The Joy of Unboxing: Star Trek Panic

By December 9, 2017August 28th, 2019Boardgames, Unboxing, Videos


Let’s go where many, many people have gone before and unbox Star Trek Panic by Fireside Games/USAopoly.

There’s a big hole in my otherwise impressive game collection, and it’s a hole left by an absence of Star Trek games. Frankly, I’d happily have more games set in that universe than the Star Wars one, which I’ve always found – controversy alert! – pretty bland.

So at last I’ve added one, and it’s a fast and furious co-op called Star Trek Panic, a reworking of the Castle Panic game, which sees you and your friends fending off attacks and the almost inevitable destruction of the Enterprise. And let’s face it, that’s not an uncommon event – a quick internet search tells me the Enterprise hs been destroyed some 30 times. Kind of takes the drama out of that ultimate disaster doesn’t it?

I haven’t yet played this game or its orcs-attack-the-castle parent, but I’m looking forward to making lots of whoop-whoop noises and constantly repeating hoary old Star Trek cliches. So let’s beam it up and have a look at it, shall we!

Oh, and by the way, why not tell me all about your favourite Star Trek board games, and perhaps I can even the balance between that universe and the other Force-dominated one!

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