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The Joy of Unboxing: Star Wars: Rebellion

By April 20, 2016August 28th, 2019Boardgames, Unboxing, Videos

It’s a trap!

Checking out the epic new Star Wars: Rebellion. Many wallets died to bring us this information.

Just when you began to suspect that you were being swamped with Star Wars stuff, here comes Star Wars: Rebellion, the latest FFG game set in this insanely popular universe. It’s a big game you can get your teeth into, with piles of lovely little plastic miniatures, a huge map, and an epic premise.

You’ll excuse my small rant about the box though, won’t you? I actually edited it down from a longer one, because to be honest at this price tag and at this box size I was expecting just a little less air. The box certainly succeeds in its mission to convince us the game is worth the money, though perhaps the reveal is just a tad disappointing.

Anyway, I got the game to the table last night and it’s a streamlined and engaging system of missions and conquest, though as the Rebel side, myself and a friend got completely steamrollered by the uber-powerful Empire. No doubt more subtle strategies will reveal themselves as we play more games. You certainly need a bit of resilience as you watch the Imperials trot out their vicious mission cards one after the other, while you desperately scrabble for one more reputation point.

Despite the nice bag of miniatures, is it worth the high price? Get used to it folks, this is the new normal for game pricing as our little hobby gets more mainstream, especially for licenced games. To butcher a Spider-man quote, with great popularity and licencing fees comes great increase in price…


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