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The Joy of Unboxing: The Others: 7 Sins

By September 21, 2016August 28th, 2019Boardgames, Unboxing, Videos

Well, I’m fascinated by death itself. What happens as we die, when we die. What happens after we die.

It’s an extra-long unboxing this time as the EOG delves into The Others: 7 Sins by CMON.

Well this unboxing took a little longer to put together than most, since in between working, other EOG duties, and planning an overseas trip I had to get my head around new programs – Final Cut Pro and Motion! I still feel like I’m floundering about in the latter two and must find the time to sit down and read the manuals cover to cover (yes, that’s the old-fashioned way I learn); but in the meantime I’ve cobbled together this extra-long unboxing of The Others: 7 Sins by CMON.

It’s extra-long because there are just so many miniatures in the box and it takes quite a while to have a look at them. While you’re doing so, enjoy the music in the background – and here’s a bit of trivia for you. The tune is called Anthem and it’s by a band called Alternative Carparks that I was part of back in my teens and early twenties (I was the drummer). Not only that, but it’s a made-up-on-the-spot jam, recorded while we were in the process of recording some other material. I think it still holds up pretty well considering the age of the musicians and the spontaneity!

Anyhoo, back to the game. Great value by CMON and after playing once, I can inform you it’s a pretty cool game too. Nice one! Sit back, relax, and come with me into an unboxing journey into horrific world of the Seven Sins – a world dominated by bondage gear and bumcracks, according to Cool Mini or Not …


  • The8thPagan says:

    I was a backer for this, but pulled out before the end and although it’s an immense amount of stuff… I don’t regret leavinget because. …

    The minatures would be awesome painted, but sooooo many and my skills are not quite up to all the pus and sores I’d have to paint…

    I’d always be the bad guy in my gaming group and sick of that which is why I prefer co-op at the moment, or competitive with every man for themselves….

    But if the Others had been a tabletop skirmish game I would have definitely bought it….

  • Dim says:

    Still waiting mine … so I do not really feel joy now !

  • Addum says:

    Thanks UH. Lovely video and you captured the detail in the minis really well. It does look like about a 12 month painting project and I too and stressing over the complexity of some the models.

    • Ben Waxman says:

      Re the minis, I would encourage spending more time on the Avatars, heroes and acolytes (great sculpts) and less on the abominations. Most of the abominations are bone, tentacles and teeth, and can be base coated in 1-3 colors, then washed. Then dry brushed. They look fine for tabletop gaming.

      • Though drybrushing is often not great for figures that are supposed to be greasy and slimy, as it can give a chalky finish. Perhaps better to start with very light colours and build up depth with careful washes, letting the original light colours act as your highlight. And maybe a few very selective bright highlights – little dots and lines of white can work well on glossy objects like internal organs!

  • razide says:

    Great Unboxing as usual.
    Great value in terms of stuff and also the many scenario variations as each one has several different set ups and when combined with different sins and acolytes provides a lot of permutations.
    Actually the figures are quite easy to paint up….the sins anyway. The heroes of faith are a bit more fiddly.
    My Apocalypse box is simply undercoated until all the rest are done.

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