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The Joy of Unboxing: Wrath of Kings

By February 13, 2015August 28th, 2019Miniatures Games, Unboxing, Videos

It’s my dirt! Eh-heh! No good, but it’s—it’s mine, all mine.

It’s a big cardboard box I’ve been waiting a year and a half for— it’s Wrath of Kings by Cool Mini or Not. Let’s unbox it!

Back in August 2013 I slapped down some cash for 220 or so miniatures and a hardcover book of game rules by Cool Mini or Not collectively called Wrath of Kings, and a week ago they were delivered to my door. Here’s the moment of unboxing in all it’s plastic-sodden glory.

I’ve already begun the mammoth task of painting all these pretties. You can check out the first few finished figures in this forum thread.

If you too couldn’t resist all those little sculpted beasties, don’t forget to grab yourself the EOG rules summary and reference.


  • razide says:

    I hope it is not long before your Goritsi starter mix-up is sorted out.

    I wish I’d gone for a full set of faction monsters now.
    The Zombicide Elena was a bit of a waste really, as I’d also picked the Nasier & Shael Han KS specialists plus the Fu Lung Devourer.

    Overall very happy with the quality & detail of the figures.

  • guitarhulk says:

    I enjoyed your coverage of this game. I was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing my rendition:

  • kurt de vos says:

    i’ve put

    Wrath of Kings: Honor and Treachery – The Battle of Ravenwood on my wishlist , is it worth buying , i love the minis , and want to learn the game for playing it with my 12 year old son , is that possible , or will he be to young

    • I’m afraid I can’t give you definitive answers Kurt. I’m not sure if the starter sets give you enough models to really get a good feel for the game – starter sets usualy don’t – and 12 year olds can vary hugely in their comprehension skills. But I’m sure you could guide him through it.

  • CK Lai says:

    Starter set works to introduce concepts of WoK. That’s what I use to demo the game. People catch the basic game concepts more easily with fewer figures.

    But to really enjoy the game, you do need a proper starter box giving you varied troop types and especially the specialists.

    (My 2 cents)

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