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THMiniatures Miniature Terrain Review

By May 6, 2016September 15th, 2017Miniatures Games, Reviews, Videos

This is great. We just happen to run into the Grand Canyon on the asteroid.

The EOG finally finds some tabletop terrain with personality, and it’s being Kickstarted now by THMiniatures.

Looking for some decent tabletop terrain? I know I have, for ages now. A lot of the stuff out there looks quite amateurish to my eyes, and I’m after terrain that really makes my gaming table look spectactular. Which is why I’m so excited about this particular Kickstarter campaign by THMiniatures.

I stumbled across the resin terrain work of Thierry Husser by chance, and by chance he was just about to run a sequel to his first Kickstarter campaign, this time with volcanic-themed terrain. So I dropped him a line and he very kindly sent me some samples for review. Of course they arrived from Canada with little time to spare, so I’ve been frantically painting and filming over the last few days to bring you this review. I even bought myself a cheap airbrush and compressor to do these pieces justice!

And what lovely pieces they are. Thierry is a multiple Golden Daemon award-winning miniatures painter and worked for Rackham at one stage. And in fact there’s a real Confrontation style to this terrain, with a bit of early Games Workshop thrown in (little skulls everywhere). Sadly, GW no longer make useful generic terrain like their excellent trees and buildings, and now only release ridiculously over-the-top stylised things that look silly in other fantasy games. But like their early stuff, these terrain pieces are obviously designed with an illustrator’s flair that sets them apart from most terrain you can find online.

And not only would Thierry’s terrain look good for fantasy games, but they’d work perfectly for sci-fi and other genres. Bubbling pools of lava are perfect for war-torn planetscapes, for example, or you could paint the pools in radioactive green or sludgy green-brown effluent colours.

Anyway, I went for the ‘traditional’ lava to match my existing table, and you can see at the end of this video how well they fit in. After seeing these samples and painting them up I’ve already backed the campaign at the highest level and intend to get the rest of the volcanic collection and all of the pieces from his first campaign. You’ll no doubt see them in future battle reports.

In the meantime, enjoy the video, and if you like what you see go back the campaign.


  • alex says:

    your lava effect rocks (on that rocks…:P)
    thx for sharing, thx for showing, thx for gaming culture!

  • The8thPagan says:

    That lava really does glow. My painting skills are just not up to scratch and would not do that terrain justice.

  • CK Lai says:

    Niiiice. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the KS to end. 😀

    OK, need to get off my butt and paint the ones I got from the first KS.

  • The8thPagan says:

    Postage for one. $25 to $80 is too vague for my liking.

    • Wel, without unduly defending someone whom I don’t know personally but through my emails seems like a very nice bloke and has already had one well-regarded Kickstarter, the reason it’s so variable is that you can choose however many pieces you want from the ones available.

      • CK Lai says:

        That’s exactly the reason. He’s also using tracked shipping now, thanks to me. I think I was the last backer to get the first KS. Because he was using surface mail to cut down in costs. Took 4 months for my terrain to arrive! But he was all ready to send me another set of terrain as a replacement. Thank goodness I told him to wait a few more weeks. So… yeah. Nice guy. Good business ethics.

  • Banshee says:

    Lava is easy – use dayglow acrylics on a darker base. With a dark rocky/scoria background it looks awesome.

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