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Tokaido v1


Mr. Sakai is a human carp windsock. His lips are always flapping, but he’s just hot air inside.

Journey from Kyoto to Edo seeing the sights (and collecting points) with the Tokaido rules summary and reference.

After a recent trip to Japan, I had a sudden urge to buy a game with a Japanese theme – and one of the most beautiful of that subset games is one called Tokaido. It’s a pretty straightforward point-collecting game, but it does look gorgeous, especially the deluxe edition (which includes characterful miniatures and metal coins). And two expansions, Crossroads (which comes with the deluxe set) and Matsuri, add more complexity to the experience.

Experienced gamers may find the game a bit basic, but like Ticket to Ride, it’s a great choice for bringing new gamers to the table, and worth getting out occasionally when you want to turn the brain off a bit and just enjoy the relaxed experience. Or, should I say… the journey.

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