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Tutorial: Fast Painting Folklore the Affliction

By March 14, 2019March 19th, 2019Boardgames, Videos

I see the Wolfman hasn’t killed you yet.

How to blast through the painting of the miniatures from Folklore: the Affliction!

The good folks at Greenbrier Games blessed me with a Mythic pledge of the second edition of their game Folklore: the Affliction this year, and I’ve really been enjoying my plays of it so far (don’t forget to check out the unboxing and the rules summary).

You get attractive standees in the core set, but you really should grab the affordably-priced box of miniatures. Of course, then you have to paint them. But never fear! The EOG is here to show you some techniques for plowing through that imposing pile of plastic like a miniature-painting hot knife through foam.

It’s all about putting playability first and obsessive award-winning painting technique second. A far, far second! You’ll soon realise that you don’t need to paint to a standard that holds up to miniature-next-to-eyeball scrutiny. This entire set only took me a few weeks of casual painting to finish, and then I was free to enjoy my full colour 3D Folklore adventures. And of course you can apply these techniques to any of those pesky piles of unpainted minis you have sitting around in boxes. Get ’em done!

So get out your tools and paints and let’s get started!


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