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Using Foamcore: Part 1

By June 29, 2013November 17th, 2021Foamcore Plans, Videos

Now that The Esoteric Order of Gamers has posted its first set of foamcore plans, it’s time to show you some tips for using this miraculous material. I’ve built hundreds of box inserts for my games, and trust me, it’s very easy once you get the hang of it.

Part 1 of this short series shows you what you’ll need to get started, and the basics of how to cut out the pieces that will go to make up your box or tray.

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  • mike says:

    Excellent video! I’ve been dissatisfied with several of my box inserts, and wasn’t sure what to do about it. This seems like just the thing!

  • Sjeng says:

    Have you ever tried 3mm foamcore? I’m wondering if that would be strong enough too. I’m designing inserts for laser-cut 3mm wood. Making mockups with foamcore would be ideal.

  • Michael says:

    Thanks for your site and video! Tremendously helpful to me to get the right materials and techniques down. I’ve only made 3 inserts so far and am planning to make many many more. However I currently have a challenge, maybe I’m being particular, maybe there’s an easy solution… I’m making an insert for the game Patchwork, the game has 3 game boards that basically fill the length and width of the box completely. I had planned to make a couple compartments below them to hold the various pieces; now the issue, it’s not super easy to remove the three game boards that sit on top without basically flipping the box nearly upside down. Any tips for getting the game boards out that fill the entire box? Thanks!

    • Good question, and one I don’t really have an easy solution for – but I have seen people put a ribbon under card decks, and maybe that would be a good way of easily pulling out the boards.

  • TDog-prime says:

    Great article. Michael, you could try tough cardboard with ribbon glued on? You could even glue it on the bottom of the bottom board… Though it sounds sacrilegious.

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