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War of the Ring Collector’s Edition Battle Report: Part 2

By January 5, 2017July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Videos

Naughty little fly, Why does it cry, Caught in a web, Soon to be… eaten!

The War of the Ring Collector’s Edition battle report comes to its exciting conclusions – and a red couch wrapup!

Here it folks, the second part of the War of the Ring Collector’s Edition battle report, and there’s a surprise in store! I don’t want to spoil the ending, but it was a satisfying and unexpected turn of events – for one of us, anyway …

After the battle, Will and I adjourn to the comfort of the fabled red couch, to discuss the game over a dram of excellent single malt whiskey. Aberlour 12 year old, I believe it was. Ahh, one of the finer thing in life: discussing a long and enjoyable boardgame session with a whiskey and an old friend.


  • John Freeman says:

    Thank you so much for these wonderful battle reports! I’ve watched each of your War of the Ring videos several times in feverish anticipation of the arrival of my very own copy. Your camaraderie, enthusiasm, gentle rivalry and (occasionally) catastrophic luck has made me even more anxious to get stuck into what appears to be an incredible game. My only objection is seething jealousy at those wonderfully painted miniatures and the luxury of the Collector’s edition! Please keep doing what you’re doing, and if you have another go at War of the Ring (perhaps with Warriors of Middle Earth) I would love to see it.

    • Hi John, and thankyou for those lovely words, they are much appreciated. I’m sure they’ll always be another WotR battle report, never fear. We definitely have to add Warriors, for starters.

  • Andy says:

    Can’t believe I’ve seen a battle report where the Fellowship wins!
    In all the games I’ve played, the Sauron player invariably wins, except a close shave when the Fellowship nearly won a military victory.
    Due to the same over-confident lack of guarding of garrisons 🙂

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