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Warhammer: Invasion v2

By September 1, 2014September 24th, 2014Card Games, Sheet Updates
Warhammer Invasion

One grain of sand. It is all that remains of my vast empire

The final Warhammer: Invasion update wraps up the summary for this excellent LCG.

Living Card Games (LSGs) by Fantasy Flight Games can be an addictive pastime. Despite the fact that I find myself never having enough time or opportunity to play them very often, they appeal to my collecting obsession, so I often end up with a box full of cards for a game I rarely play. Warhammer: Invasion is the exception—to a degree. A friend and I used to play it quite a lot when it was first released in 2009, and we both enjoyed collecting new expansion packs as they were released. Unfortunately, the regular game sessions fizzled out but the collecting continued.

When I moved to New Zealand it all went in storage, though I believe my friend went on collecting. FFG ceased publication of new packs and expansions in 2013, and that was that.

Until recently, when for some strange reason, I felt the need to collect the rest of the packs. I bought a new core set and busily acquired everything I hadn’t yet bought. I don’t know why: perhaps because the game is no longer being expanded, I felt the need to have a ‘definitive set’. Set-collecting is a bit of a curse of mine.

Anyway, it’s a good opportunity to finally update my Warhammer: Invasion rules summary and reference, which should now be complete. If you play this excellent card game, or have yet to discover it, download it now and enjoy your epic quests and fierce, bloody battles…

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