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Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game Solo Battle Report

Take Sir George to the dungeon.

Watch Universal Head play a solo game of Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game. You know you want to!

Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game was a great little 2015 co-op dungeon-crawling game set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer universe, but sadly it didn’t last long. Not long after its release the licencing agreement between FFG and GW folded and the game never got any expansion content. It was only last year that FFG re-released the game set in their own, somewhat bland, fantasy world of Terrinoth. But apparently that hasn’t seen any support either and is no longer in print.

It’s a mystery why this game hasn’t been more successful, as it’s quite fun, if a little fiddly. See for yourself as I go dungeon delving by myself in this solo battle report—first released as a bonus video for Patreon backers a year ago, and now available to all!

If you still play this enjoyable little card game, you’ll find my essential Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game rules summary and reference here.