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Wellycon 2013

By June 5, 2013November 17th, 2021Videos

Last weekend saw the sixth Wellycon 2013, a two-day boardgames extravaganza held in Wellington, New Zealand. An excellent weekend was had by all attendees, and as usual the event was impeccably run by Andrew Rae and his bevy of helpers. Attendance was excellent despite the distraction of the Armageddon Expo on the same weekend (which I briefly visited and which I found, frankly, unimpressive—largely due to the soulless concrete venue of the Westpac stadium no doubt). In contrast to Armageddon, Wellycon was held in comfortable surroundings just right for the number of people.

At Wellycon I often get to play some games I would normally never try out—though I must say I often find my usual tastes in games confirmed. Over the weekend I played City of Remnants (a good game but a slightly dry playthrough), Eight-Minute Empire (fun, simple and doesn’t outstay its welcome), Star Wars: The Card Game (strangely difficult to learn and didn’t quite ‘click’ after one play, but looking forward to trying again), Infiltration (consistently fun), Glory to Rome (not my cup of tea and different but annoying graphic design), Chaos in the Old World (definitely the most enjoyable game of the weekend), and Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar (too dry and Euro-like for my taste).

I’ve put together this little video montage of the event for your enjoyment. The music is by an old band of mine, The Future Eaters—the song is Me And My Addictions and comes from a self-title 1999 CD.

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