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Wingspan v1


Fly, be free!

Help your feathered friends with a Wingspan rules & reference!

I’m sorry to say I haven’t played Wingspan. As much as I love birds – I can hear the sweet song of New Zealand birdlife outside as I write – I’m not that excited by the theme or the art, and the card-driven engine-building gameplay hasn’t prompted me yet to get a copy. But that’s just me! Wingspan has been hugely successful and obviously hits the sweet spot for many gamers worldwide.

While it’s probably not my thing, I certainly love to see games exploring different themes and engaging new players. I also like to see more games designed by women, because I’m a strong believer in diversity in all things, and – well, I can’t believe this is still a thing we’re talking about in 2023. It’s taken a long time for tabletop gaming to grow out of its predominantly male beginnings, and the more games designed by the greater variety of people the better.

So, recognising the popularity of the game, here’s my rules and reference, which I hope you find useful. If I do ever get the opportunity to play I’ll come back with my personal thoughts – in the meantime, let me know what you think of Wingspan in the comments below!

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