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Wiz-War Figure Painting Reference

By August 20, 2013July 28th, 2014Boardgames, Figure Painting

Last year Fantasy Flight Games did a great job revamping the Tom Jolly classic Wiz-War, not only packing it full of new art and gameplay options, but including four wizard miniatures and five creature miniatures in the box. Here you can see my paint job; as always, these are just the way I painted my set and you can use any colours you desire.

The Painted Miniatures


  • Andrew says:

    Well done! I look forward to your painting reference of the fifth wizard.

  • Dreddnought says:

    We can only hope there is a fifth…………….this is an all out fun (underrated) game easily converted to more than four players (with a second copy). Wouldn’t an expansion be wonderful?

    Suggested variant for more than four players: 3 points wins the game. A wizard kill counts for 2. Optionally (to keep players in the game), killed wizards come back as ghosts. They can’t pick up treasure but they can still win with 2 kills….or they can just annoy whoever killed them off.

    • Universal Head says:

      Ah, you had me worried there for a moment! Thanks for the variant idea. I must get this game on the table more often, I definitely haven’t played it enough.

  • Andrew says:

    FFG showcased their first Wiz-War expansion at Gencon. One new wizard, one new board, and a whole bunch of cards/chits. 29.95 USD, and an expected Q4 release. I’d expect a more proper reveal from FFG in the next several weeks.

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