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Wrath of Kings Battle Report 2: Part 3

By January 10, 2016July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Miniatures Games, Videos

What are you waiting for? Burn me!

Time for the final exciting chapter of this special outdoor Wrath of Kings battle report series!

Well here we are, fellow members of the Esoteric Order of Gamers, the final chapter of this series. And if you can endure the wind noise you’ll reach the very special conclusion of this battle report. It’s something that doesn’t happen very often, so enjoy!


  • The8thPagan says:

    As you edit your videos I can’t tell how long your game sessions take. What is an average game length for Wrath of Kings?

    • Well, we take longer because we’re filming, keeping a running commentary and generally mucking about. Also there are three different sizes of games with varying lengths. So any game length I quote you will be misleading!

  • CK Lai says:

    @8th: For an Intro-level game with about 12-16 minis per side, and you’re familiar with the rules… about an hour. For a Skirmish-level game with 24-30 minis per side… 90 mins to maybe 120 mins depending on the circumstances. For the larger Battle-level games… I don’t know. I’ve never played one! 😀

  • The8thPagan says:

    So comparable to Warmachine in duration . Strategy different though, as most of the time in Warmachine & Hordes is spent on getting a clear shot on the Warcaster/Warlock.

    Wrath seems be all about destroying morale and wipng out troops to do so.

    • The ‘motivations’ for each army are hugely significant too, and can allow players to carve big morale point chunks off their opponent.

      • CK Lai says:

        Yup. Reducing your opponent’s morale to zero is the way to victory in Wrath of Kings. You can kill troops and leaders to do so, and go for your Motivations (objectives) as well. Some Motivations can win you the game without having to kill enemy troops, although it’s usually a combo of both. Killing a leader drops the Morale by 1 straight away, but it’s not the deciding factor that it is in Warmahordes. There are many paths to victory in WoK.

        • CK Lai says:

          Sorry. Killing a leader grants you a Morale drop of 1 or 2, depending on the leader’s Rank. (UH: can’t edit comments in this section?)

  • The8thPagan says:

    They are releasing a two player starter this year. Two factions and 15 miniatures for $60. Might be worth a look, but would prefer choice of factions as it looks like wolves vs horns.

    • CK Lai says:

      That starter set doesn’t even give you enough minis to play an Intro-level game. Just saying. You need another squad.

  • Miniatures game are just crazy pricey to get into these days – that’s why the Kickstarter campaign was such an amazing deal. If I were CMON I’d release a starter set with 2 skirmish armies at cost; it’s the only way to rope in new players.

  • razide says:

    Great game. A very close and dramatic finish. Congratulations on your win Peter & commiserations Will.
    Poor ol’ Rathor the game performance does not match the looks of the model very often.

    8th Pagan – I think they chose Goritsi & Nasier; being considered the less complicated with leader inspirations and interactions for beginner starter factions.

  • Will says:

    We’ll have to invest in some sort of foam cover for the camera mic if we’re going to attempt that again! Certainly one of the most enjoyable gaming sessions I’ve experienced though, and Peter’s victory dance at the end was special.

    The WoK Motivation system is indeed clever, and has a big impact on the tactics. As you’ll have noticed, I shot myself in the foot early in the game by killing two of his leaders before I’d had a chance to lower his moral using the ‘No Confidence’ motivation.

    There’s a LOT to remember in this game, in fact watching this video I’m astounded at how much rule complexity we’ve managed to cram into our frontal lobes, courtesy of course of the EoG reference sheets – those summaries of the unit abilities are invaluable. How anyone plays it using just the cards is beyond me!

    Now, must get on with painting those Teknes.

  • Soulsorcerer says:

    Really like those Battle Reports a lot….great looking minis with even better paint jobs…and you two having lots of fun while playing. Makes it nearly as much fun just watching you two 🙂

    As a fan of the old Confrontation minis I am sold on the Goretsi Wolves and I really want them….the other factions also look great. Up until now my reason has the upper hand as to not start yet another minitures game…but for how long I have no idea. So keep on with those reports and you will be responsible for me breaking down ;-p

  • I’ve just discovered we built our armies incorrectly in this game too. In the options section, you can choose 4 options, each of which is x3 rank 1 infantry or x1 rank 1 specialist. So you add the equivalent of x12 rank1 infantry or x4 rank1 specialists, or a combination, to the basic choices. So battle sizes armies are actually a bit larger!

    • CK Lai says:

      Oh, definitely, U.H.! That’s why I’ve never played a Battle-level game… too many minis, and I’ve only assembled the bonus minis from the KS pledge… my Starter boxes are all still unopened! 😛

      That said, my favourite format is Tournament Skirmish: You get 4 Leader Ranks to choose from instead of 3. So you could have one Rank 2 leader, and two Rank 1 leaders, which gives you a bit more flexibility and hitting power. And the game size is just nice for me, too. Not too many minis, not too few.

  • razide says:

    CK are you thinking of something like this:
    2.2.3 Sunday will be Modified Skirmish Forces
     Leadership (5)
     Commander Leadership (7)
     Army organization Leader (Must select one as a Commander)
     X4 Ranks in Leaders
     Infantry
     x18 Rank 1 Infantry
     Specialist
     x2 Rank 1 Specialist
     Options (Select x6 of the following)
     x3 Rank 1 Infantry
     x1 Rank 1 Specialist

  • CK Lai says:

    Yup. That was it. 🙂

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