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Wrath of Kings Showcase: The Blind Hakar and Arkan Thesh

That is no arrow. We just imagine the arrows because we fear them.

Two characters from Wrath of Kings: The Blind Hakar and Arkan Thesh.

There are some lovely character models in the Wrath of Kings tabletop miniatures wargame and I think you’ll agree these two are quite unique. First we have The Blind Hakar, a rank 2 specialist who has the rather disconcerting ability of instantly killing any single size 3 or smaller enemy with whom she is engaged. Ouch! Enemies are also at risk of a bite from her ‘attack dog’ – an ex-pirate captain who was responsible for taking her eyes. As you can see she tracked him down, and he no doubt now regrets his cruelty.

The next figure is Arkan Thesh, and I think the ‘Hellboy’ influence is strong with this one (check out those little legs!) Part demon, part elemental, he has a strong 3 dice melee attack with a critical effect. Oh, and he flies.

One more figure from the Nasier faction to go—the huge Greathorn!


  • CK Lai says:

    As always, excellent work and an inspiration, UH!

    One question: How did you get Arkan Thesh’s weapon shaft so straight? Mine bends like crazy. I’ll post the photo in the forum for WoK for you to see.

  • (Copied from the forums) This was probably the only incidence where a piece didn’t fit very well; mine bent a little but nothing like that. I can see his bottom hand isn’t fully plugged into the wrist for a start. Might be better cuting off the lugs and gluing the hands so the weapon shaft isn’t bent.

  • razide says:

    They both look great. I like how you did Arkan Thesh’s wings, sort of leathery & blood covered providing a nice contrast to his black armour.

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