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Wrath of Kings Showcase: Nasier Hakar Swordsmen

By March 17, 2015March 24th, 2015Figure Painting, Miniatures Games
Nasier Hakar Swordsmen

… and darkness crept over the land from the east.

The Wrath of Kings showcase series continues with the Nasier Hakar Swordsmen.

Another small step forward in the endless quest to paint the entire Wrath of Kings oeuvre … this time it’s the three Nasier Hakar Swordsmen.

Unfortunately the Nasier feature a rather uninteresting colour scheme of black, grey and crimson; though I’m sure it will make the overall army look great on the tabletop, it’s slightly depressing to paint! The same techniques that were used with the Bloodmasks are on show here. I do have to use very little in the way of washes because the colours themselves are so dark, so the weapons get a black wash and the pouches a brown wash, and that’s it. Everything else is just highlighted up from the darkest colour.

Unfortunately the mould lines on these figures run over legs that are wrapped in material—truly the worst place to put a mould line, as it’s virtually impossible to clean up properly. Oh well, these are army figures after all and you rarely see them this close up! Another bit of trivia—I lost the ‘horns’ on one of the figures and had to remake them by cutting out shapes from a bit of spare sprue. So make sure you have all those fiddly little bits before throwing anything away kids!


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