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Wrath of Kings Showcase: Nasier Longhorn

By March 25, 2015March 26th, 2015Figure Painting, Miniatures Games
Nasier Longhorn

That man is a head taller than me. That may change.

The Wrath of Kings showcase series continues with a Nasier Longhorn.

This impressive figure is called a Longhorn, and he’s half again as tall as the normal troops—and that’s when he hasn’t been based on a rock plinth, as I’ve done here. I have two of these in my Nasier army. Melded with his elemental mask, each Longhorn is a one-man war machine.

I followed the ‘official’ colour scheme here and really like the effect of the bright magenta skin. The different Nasier troops have a range of skin tones from black to purply-grey to red (probably something to do with how affected they are by the masks they wear), and this one should really stand out on the battlefield.

Note that I took these photos after varnishing the figure, so he’s just a tad glossy (I use a semi-gloss varnish). Click the images for even larger shots. More Nasier figures soon as I power through painting this faction!


  • razide says:

    Wow that bright magenta skin should really pop on the table !
    They have different shield designs as well as skin colours too. I had not paid much attention to those before.

    Thanks for the continued inspiration of painting through your faction.

    I’ve given one of my Longhorns a sword with a straight end like the Greathorn.

    • Cheers mate. Yes, I may paint that shield design in red to make it stand out. I never know what to paint shields, especially when they’re scultped like this one, with no backing board or rim.

  • razide says:

    Yes shields are always a problem for me too.
    This shield looks like one of those almost useless buckler shields you find at the start of computer RPG games.
    It wouldn’t be too bad on an ordinary size person.

    As you get several of each, do you plan to make your leaders and specialists identical or quite different from each other in WoK ?
    I notice the CMoN demo game Zaalaks are different colours.

  • Mihkel says:

    I dig the magenta. Would you mind sharing how you did it?

    • Umm … ( racks terrible memory), I think I used GW Warlock Purple (now called Screamer Pink) – perhaps darked with a bit of Liche Purple (now called Xereus Purple) – possibly washed in the shadows with Army Painter Strong Tone, and highlighted up by adding Warlock Purple and white. Pretty basic.

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