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Wrath of Kings Showcase: Nasier Rathor

Rathor Battle Shaman

I was a prince in this land. No one was allowed to look directly into my eyes.

This time on the Wrath of Kings showcase series showcase series we check out a Rathor Battle Shaman.

Aother great figure from the Nasier faction, the Rank 1 specialist Rathor is a battle shaman with an impressive couple of ranged magic attacks, and a magical aura that cancels out several enemy defensive special abilities. Of course, he does look a bit like a giant humanoid rabbit, but who’s going to tell him that to his face?

It was a pretty straightforward miniature to paint, though the wrappings on the arms were a bit fiddly. I took a cue from the studio paintjob and painted a red liquid swishing in the flask at his belt. Click the images for even larger shots. More Nasier figures very soon!


  • razide says:

    Very nice work. The red liquid in the flask is a great little detail. The like the skin tones you achieved on this one.

    Funny how one of the biggest musclebound figures is a magic user for the Nasier.

    I really wish you had not mentioned “rabbit” now I can’t stop that image. Originally I thought bull or Minotaur when I first saw this figure.

    • Yeah I assumed this guy was a melee hard hitter but then I discovered he was the magic user. Something different. There’s a really big Hellboy influence in the Nasier figures, especially the characters.

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