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Wrath of Kings Showcase: Nasier Shadrus Arikim

Wrath of Kings Nasier Shadrus Arikim

Anyone who even thinks about deserting this mission will be cut up into 198 pieces.

More Wrath of Kings goodness: Shadrus Arikim, the Beast of Oraam.

Shadrus is the first of the unique personality figures I’ve completed. He was an interesting paint job because I couldn’t find a reference shot online at the time, so I chose my own colour scheme. Following the existing Nasier colours wasn’t hard of course, but I gave him a black face and fur because I was watching the original Planet of the Apes films on Blu-ray at the time, and was influenced by the look of the warlike gorillas. I also positioned him a bit unusually on his rock plinth, leaning far forward, and I think the overall effect is one of violence and aggression that works well to convey the fiery, furious personality of this character.

Bear with me for a week or so as I take a short break from new articles. Me ol’ gaming buddy Will is visiting and that means new battle reports will be filmed, so stay tuned for lots of good gaming videos!


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