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Yet More Demons from Hell Dorado

By March 21, 2014July 27th, 2014Figure Painting, Miniatures Games
Hell Dorado

An angry man opens his mouth and shuts his eyes

More painted figures from my small Hell Dorado collection—the final two figures from the Demons Starter Set.

First is a Damned One of Wrath. This comes with a choice of left weapon, but I went with the hammer as it seemed particularly appropriate for a mad-as-cats violent crazy demon.

Next up is the single lemure in the pack, Harborym. Lemures are hellish vermin to which Infernalists can attach spells, and Harborym is a nasty-looking little fellow. He’s fast and resilient too.

Nothing much to say about the paint jobs here, though you can see I’ve started splattering a bit of blood around. This is made from a mix of Tamiya Clear Red and Army Painter Strong Tone, and is a perfect, slightly glutinous mix for realistic blood effects. Eeughhh!

Hell Dorado

Hell Dorado

That finishes up the Demons Starter Set. Next time, I’ll start showing you some painted figures from the Immortals Starter Set.

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