Battle Masters Battle Report

The whole world is in chess. Any move can be the death of you.

Peter and Will unleash their inner nine-year-olds to play Battle Masters!

Sometimes you get a bit tired of the endless pouring over rules summary sheets, the building of forces, the checking of point costs. Sometimes you just want to slap a couple of armies down and have at it! Which is where Battle Masters, an elaborate 90s collaboration from Milton Bradley and Games Workshop, comes in!

Featuring scads of plastic miniatures, a huge vinyl floor mat, and even a large plastic tower, Battle Masters is the kind of game no one could afford to make (or buy) these days. I’d always considered it little more than a curiosity in my collection, but to the huge surprise of both Will and I we ended up having a really fun time playing it. Check out the video and vicariously participate.

Oh, and I must apologise for the constant shaky camera work – obviously our enthusiasm and high energy presentation translated into the way we both held the camera.

One more thing: sorry it’s been a little quiet here at the EOG for a few weeks, mainly due to some very distracting renovation work that’s been going on here at the EOG headquarters. I plan for things to pick up very soon!


  • briscoe999 says:

    Great Batrep UH!!! BattleMasters is a little-known gem that certainly has some roots with Heroquest. I own the base BattleMasters game, and it is fun (although a little “too” simplistic).

    I actually have played more of a re-tweaked “Advanced BattleMasters” – a pet project by a fellow person a game with, David Miller (who is an artist that did fantasy and sci-fi illustrations for TSR, GDW, Steve Jackson Games and West End Games back in the late ’70’s/early 80’s). His re-tweaked pimped out version contains alot more special monsters with special mini-card decks (like the ogre in BM). It is a really good game that is a hit at local gaming conventions.

    • Sounds fantastic, any chance I can get hold of the rules and cards from him? Either for personal use or, if he agrees, I could make them available them here in on the site.

  • briscoe999 says:

    I will ask the next time I speak to him.

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