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Action Points #004: Smog, Confrontation, Hellboy, T-shirts

By April 30, 2018August 28th, 2019Action Points, Videos

East section… lower level. Cell two.

Introducing Action Points the fourth – featuring another little grab-bag of gaming bits and bobs. And some drumming.

Episode number four of Action Points is here! Yes, it’s that eclectic – dare I say it, esoteric – collection of gaming news and updates, brought to you by your master of ceremonies, Universal Head. After a quick look at the painted figures of the World of Smog: Rise of Moloch core set, I chat about the new Confrontation and Hellboy Kickstarters, featuring the new EOG T-shirts, and … well, ramble on about other stuff, basically.

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  • Soulsorcerer says:

    Another nice Intro Peter! And if you talk a bit more about how good Rise of Moloch is I probably buy it…so please stop ;-P

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