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Action Points #023: Reichbusters, Conquest, Gaslands, DCC Lankhmar

It’s an insane world, but in it there’s one sanity, the loyalty of old friends.

It’s Action Points time once again, brought to you from the underground EOG bunker!

The end of March is here, and it’s time for another Action Points episode. If, like me, you’re on lockdown in your place of abode, I hope you find a moment to forget your cares and think about gaming for a bit instead. It’s times like these when I find my hobby is of great comfort, keeping my mind busy and off the doom and gloom.

This month I talk about some of the games I’ve received over the past month, playing Conquest, Gaslands and DCC Lankhmar, and some videos and tutorials I’ve got in the pipeline. Enjoy, and stay safe everybody!

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