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Battle Report: BattleLore 2nd Edition Part 1

By December 20, 2014July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Boardgames, Videos

I remember my first joust. It looks far worse than it feels!

Will and I tackle the new BattleLore Second Edition by Fantasy Flight Games.

When myself and me ol’ gaming buddy Will sit down to film a battle report we strive to create something worthy of the label of entertainment rather than education. Call it ‘edutainment’ if you will. Oh second thoughts, please don’t. So I crave your indulgence when it comes to the occasional rules error. And we certainly managed a couple of doozies when we played BattleLore Second Edition for the first time!

No, you cannot play more than one Lore card in a turn, this isn’t some kind of Living Card Game where you chain together card effects (update: I didn’t actually make this error, see part 2). And yes, you should have three Obscene figures in a hex, not two. What were we thinking? However, these somewhat game-changing errors aside, we still had a good time, so hopefully this two-part video will fulfil its purpose and entertain. Perhaps even edutain.


  • Mark says:

    I’ve said this elsewhere, but I’ll say it again: I love the battle reports. They’re a good way to really show off the ‘feel’ of a game. Far more than a straight up review ever could. So which do you prefer, BattleLore or Memoir ’44?

    • Great to hear, because we really enjoy making them! As for our preference, I think I can speak for Will as well when I say Memoir ’44. It’s probably the game we’ve played more than any other and it’s just a straight-up classic, as far as I’m concerned.

  • leone says:

    i saw on the video that you use a custom foamboard insert for your battlelore , is there a tutorial on that one , or are you waiting for future expansions to include in it , i love making inserts for my games , i just haven’t found one for battlelore

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