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Battle Report: BattleLore 2nd Edition Part 2

By December 23, 2014July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Boardgames, Videos

To kill and be king, is that all?

Witness the final part of this BattleLore Second Edition battle report. Who will be victorious?

The battle continues! Who will reign supreme over the green fields of this little corner of Terrinoth?What other rules will be mangled (not too many, thankfully). How many more excellent New Zealand craft beers will be consumed?

Though I’ve just realised I accused myself of an error that I didn’t actually make: Darken the Skies is a Command card, and Assault is a Lore card, so I didn’t actually play 2 Lore cards in a turn as this video implies. Whoops! Blame the pre-Xmas revelling as I edited this video.

Stay tuned until the end for a look at the BattleLore Second Edition foamcore box insert design I’ve created; and fear not, it will soon be available on this website in plan form!


  • Alex says:

    Happy new year from Germany. I search for a new boardgame and find your Videos. Great big bang Cinema! My englisch isn’t good, i Understand not really all you speak, but your ironic, jokes and rulesexplaining mostly i can follow. Hey guys the miniaturepainting is awful. I Harvest the Same boradgamegenre like you. I Love Miniatures, strategy, Battles and iam Paint My minis when i have Time. In the Last two days i watch all your Videos. Go on.


    • Glückliches neues jahr Alex! Sorry, my German extends to hello, thankyou and the numbers 1 to 12, but you definitely get your meaning across (except maybe for ‘awful’ – I’m hoping you meant ‘awesome’?) and I really appreciate it. I’m very pleased you’re enjoying the videos. Welcome!

  • Alex says:

    Hahaha. Oh Shit. Yes i mean awesome. Sorry. I watch now the new Video. Yes man!

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